Are you thinking of starting up business in Norway?

The Norwegian business market is well regulated by the authorities.
Therefore you should use an adviser who knows the current rules and laws when establishing business in Norway.

We can assist you!

Bedriftsplassen knows the regulations and important precautions for business start-ups in Norway. And we can prepare everything for your establishment.

Bedriftsplassen can assist you throughout the whole establishment process from finding office space and registration of the company to the development of business strategy and sales and marketing. 

Some of the consulting services we can provide you

Bedriftsplassen AS can assist you throughout the whole establishment process from registration of the company to the development of sales and marketing. In addition, we offer startups 5 hours of free advice.

Bedriftsplassen AS can assist you in business development and help you to establish good routines for finances, sales, market and personnel. Our goal is to give you the best advice and support so you can do your job as a leader in the best possible way!

We can assist you in developing a more selling and customer focused organization. Our experience is that employees who understand the company’s marketing strategy not only sell more, they also contribute to increased profits and more satisfied customers.

Our sister company Exacta Services AS has more than 25 years of experience in accounting, payroll and annual settlement. It is an innovative company with digital solutions that can be tailored to your company and your way of working. As a customer of Exacta Services AS, your needs will always be in focus and taken care of in the best possible way.

Through our legal partners, we can offer a variety of legal services, such as:

  • Employment, layoffs and dismissal
  • Contract law
  • Contract Design
  • Tax Law
  • Sales of real estate
  • Property law
  • Financial and accounting law
  • Patent and trademark registration

In Norway the municipality, county and state have many different types of support schemes for business and industry. We can help you find the funds you can apply for, as well as assist you in the application process. Some of this assistance may even be free for you as a business customer.

Do you want a non-committal meeting?

Send us a few words about your business and need you have for assistance. We will than contact you to make an appointment for a non-committal meeting in person or by phone.